Rabu, 18 Februari 2015

Red Velvet Cake Recipe

After I had plugged Küchenlatein with my chicken broth, Ulrike triggered cravings with her Scottish breakfast cake in a glass with me. For one recipe reminded me of my Dundee Cake, which I always like to bake in the pre-Christmas period, on the other hand I had never baked a cake in the wake-up glass. Said and done.

The idea to bake the cake in the glass and wake-up ring, left doubts with me however and so I turned the stove instead of on 200 degrees C dear to 180 degrees C. The cake in the glass went off well and by the slogan "Wake up", the cake had a nice stamp immediately. Nevertheless: Due to the high proportion of butter went though some grease on the rubber rings on and you began then unfortunately to melt in some small places to become say sticky. Not a nice smell that briefly covered the delicious smell of the cake in the oven.

I opened a cake after slight cooling off. A very tasty and juicy glass cake. In addition to almonds and raisins, I have added some chopped Sukkade. Next time I will make the glasses really only half-full, much is likely not too happen then also the alarm rings. The second glass I still, time will consider whether the cake tastes good in two weeks.

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