Rabu, 18 Februari 2015

Moist Banana Bread

1. I make this bread in the bread baking machine. Because all the ingredients must be mixed but actually only, can be baked in a Loaf pan in the oven as well.
2. liquid butter, sugar and vanilla sugar in the bread baking machine and run to "normal". In the open unit to admit the egg, salt, and milk.
3 mash bananas to fine puree and lemon juice it later not brown drizzle, so. Then they come to the other ingredients in the bread maker.
4. Finally even the flour and the baking powder to admit and all run a few minutes. Switch off.
5. now on the program of "JAWS" (or just in the oven) 60 minutes finished bake.
6. This is a loaf of approx. 550 g.

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