Rabu, 18 Februari 2015

Play Dough Recipe

Homemade play dough
When it comes to playing with the dough, then I will back to the child. I like easy to manipulate the soft material with the hands and to be creative.
My children still love to play and create people, animals, pizza or ice cream sundaes.
Today I would like to imagine a recipe for homemade dough, that is fast, easy and inexpensive to implement, and is also completely non-toxic.

You need a color for this:

1/2 cup salt (about 100 g)
125 ml water
250-300 g of flour
1 TBSP cooking oil
1 TBSP starch
Food coloring

From the water, oil, salt and some of the food coloring, stir a smooth mass. The color should look like good strong, quiet, slightly more than the desired final color.
Then gradually add the starch and flour and mix well until the desired consistency is. My girls had much pleasure, to make the dough itself immediately afterwards to test and taste. (A bit too salty, but completely non-toxic). After making or play keep the dough in an airtight container.
Have fun trying it out!

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